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retirement home for old b3tans
ah, screw this, im going to 4rthur
by lo, the greebo warrior February 26, 2004
to be aroused by something, when you really, really shouldn't.
this does not include jailbait

also: grapes my squildo
cor! jimmy tarbuck's on jordan's body! thats really graping my squildo!
by lo, the greebo warrior January 20, 2004
a spontanious statement of surprise, delight, anger, or anything you want it to mean.
*after stubbing toe* Arsetigers! that fucking hurt
by lo, the greebo warrior November 04, 2003
someone who has 4 pints in a pub, usually when its someone elses round, but when its their turn to buy, they just happen to have forgotten their wallet
dave, its your round

bugger, ive left my wallet at home, sorry lads, i cant get this one.
by lo, the greebo warrior June 17, 2004
abbreviation of Mighty Fine Ass
Shit dude! check that honeys MFA!
by lo, the greebo warrior May 30, 2004
similar to the lurgy, the scotch death is a form of disease where the infected person suffers from 'general crapness'

can be induced by alcohol, skinny dipping, or anything likely to make you ill
i went out on the lash lash night, and now ive go tthe scotch death
by lo, the greebo warrior December 13, 2004
Acronym: Psycho Op Wednesday.
A day where irc channel operators abuse their power

see also pof
/kick anyone
by lo, the greebo warrior November 20, 2003
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