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When a guy is completely controlled by his girlfriend and has no say in the relationship.
Man, Marielle's got Jake so goddamn pussy whiped!
by lmcx22 March 13, 2007
a large retail electronics company located all over the world, that offers reward zone, credit cards, service and replacement plans, magazines and millions of other things no one actually needs. their cashiers also need to give a 10 hour speech to each customer, which makes the lines extremely long.
Cashier: Hi how are u today?
Customer: good u
Cashier: im great! did u find everything okay today?
Customer: uh yeah.
Cashier: super! are u a rewards zone member?
Customer: no and i dont want-
Cashier: GREAT! ill go ahead and sign u up for a free membership today! all i need is ur phone number and address
Customer: no i really dont want one, i have too many cards
Cashier: oh come on its free! every time u spend $250 u get $5 back and other discount coupons on popular items!
Customer: alright fine..
Cashier: and im gonna give u some information about our reward zone credit card that gives u double the points for using it in the store and regular points wen u use it outside of best buy.
Customer: ok..
Cashier: and on this item we have a 4 year service plan for $99.99. it covers, dust, heat, humidity, normal wear and tear, power surge, and any defects with the product.
Customer: no ill be fine without it.
Cashier: i would highly recommend it, considering if u deal with the manufacturer, u would end up paying for shipping and handeling as well as some parts and if best buy couldnt fix this item for u they would give u a new one.
Customer: ill live without it.
Cashier: WELL if u wanna think about it, u have 30 days to come back and purchase it. AND to thank you for shopping with us today we are GIVING you 8 weeks risk free of either People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, or Time magazine, which ones do u like?
Customer: no thank u.
Cashier: are u sure? it would make a great present. wouldnt ur wife like People?
Customer: no i already get enough magazines and i will forget to cancel it.
Cashier: well with the 2nd to last issue it comes along with a card that notifies u cancel the trial, its very easy
Customer: no thats really okay, i dont want it.
Cashier: alright ur total is $456.98...okay do u want ur receit with u or in the bag
Customer: the bag
Cashier: okay and on the bottom of ur receit there is a website u can go to. bestbuycares.com and if u take a fast survey its a chance to win a 10,000 dollar shopping spree.
by lmcx22 November 26, 2007

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