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2 definitions by lloyd's cousin

A person who is a CHAV only because of where they live. i.e. their postcode or area
where you from kid?


hmm doesnt look like a chav...maybe hes a postcode chav
by lloyd's cousin April 23, 2005
a grocery shop ususally located on the corner of a street. the owner is usually called Mr Patel and the shop is open 24/7 the shop is open 24/7 because all of the windows are too expensive to replace once they have been smashed by neighbour hood drive bys and townies
the owner usually has a son called jay who has performed work experience in a Texaco garage. only two childern are allowed at any one time although they usually break the door down and raid the shop.
person1: yo u wanna get sumthing to eat?
person2: yeh lets go to mac donalds!
Person1: Fcuk that! why pay when we can eat 4 free.
Person2: True...lets raid that corner shop
kids walking by: you gonna raid that shop?
Person:1 FO' shizzle
Person3: Ok, let me get the 12 gauge shotty outa ma pants.
by lloyd's cousin January 12, 2005