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To be shot by someone of Hispanic descent.
Spanky: Dude Kevin why you walking around like that?

Kevin: Well last night I rode my bike to the Taco Grande to pick up some dinner, and someone flat out beaner capped my ass and stole my chalupa.

Spanky: Did you find out who it was?

Kevin: No dude he had this big ass sombrero on, I couldn't see his face.
by llamapapa August 04, 2010
A title bestowed upon a proud llama rancher who is respected by the local farming community for successfully farming such an unusual animal. A llamapapa upholds the responsibility to educate his community about the practical applications of llama wool as well as the llama's ability to guard sheep and goats from dogs and coyotes.

"Llamapapa" represents the masculine form and is to be used in the general sense of the term, the feminine form is "llamamama".
Ethan: Howdy Travis. Say you gonna run for FFA president this year?

Travis: Hell yeah, someone's gotta give that llamapapa some competition.
by llamapapa July 14, 2010
A state of inebriation in which an individual should only drink water for the rest of the night if he/she intends to not suffer from severe alcohol poisoning.
Ethan: stumbles and knocks over a large birdbath while puking

Robert: "Hey man, why don't you sit over here and just drink this water. I don't think you need anymore beer tonight."

Ethan: "*incomprehensible gibberish*, I'M WATER-DONE!!!"

Robert: "That's right buddy your water-done."
by llamapapa November 29, 2011

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