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The only word in existence that's more awesome then Llamaness. The order of awesomness goes;

Eddy; Dude, I found a million dollars on the ground!!!
Freddy;That's Awesomenesss!!!
Neddy; No, it's Llamaness
Eddy; Guys I hate you all!! You don't think it's llamawesomeness? I can't believe you! (stomps away and leaves)
by llama_girl_oh_yeah_im_awesome April 09, 2009
1. The only thing to say when you severely messed up at something and you have no reason why. When used this way, "oogala boogala" is usually followed by turning around and walking away.

2. The second worst insult in the world. ALWAYS must be followed by the sticking out of the tongue.
Ex.Person 1; Um...why are you in my office? Yours is down the hall that way.
Person 2;OOGALA BOOGALA!(then leaves and goes to his own office)

Ex 2.Person 1; You're really fat, ya know that?
Person 2; Oh ya, well you're an oogala boogala! oh, burnage! (sticking out her tongue)
by llama_girl_oh_yeah_im_awesome April 07, 2009
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