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A Jamaican type of "dancing" where the male rubs his penis on a womans behind particularity in the area of her vagina. This is done in clubs/parties on the dance floor.

This type of dancing is done very rough and extremely aggressive. There are even parts where men climb to extreme heights to land their penis onto a womans behind or vagina.

This can cause injury to the penis.

And to the woman as well because some moves require her to be the bullseye and the man's penis is the dart.

Unfortunately this type of dancing has reach popularity in most Caribbean countries and West Indians living abroad.
"I gune dagger she"

"I was daggering that girl so hard last night! I broke my penis and she got her hip bone fractured"

This act is very degrading and its very unfortunate that people are diluded that this is a form of dancing when it is clearly dry sex. There are moves where woman are lift up by the men and their vaginas are rubed onto the mans penis. This is NO WAY a form of dancing, its a dry sex or humping party.

Women can be injured as well as men jump from great heights to land on their vagina. Some women are shoved onto the ground and more than one man "dagger" a woman.

Its the women to blame because they have little respect for themselves and forever more will the world see Caribbean people are retards due to this, and men will always think ALL Caribbean women should do this and if they don't it is a crime.

by llala-kun June 12, 2010

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