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A mercurial and imaginative musician with a penchant for hilarious non-sequitors. Polis can be recognized with such traits as ridiculously long eyelashes and cute spryness. They are sometimes seen composing fanciful melodies or staring blankly into webcams. If you are lucky enough to capture one in the wild, feed it a diet of cookies and soda and then set it free in the rolling hills.
Bob: "Nothing is better than a cold beer and a game of football on T.V. Except for Poli."
by llacacia August 19, 2011
A genius and a gentleman who always has an interesting story to tell. Versatile, k0rps can be seen reading large books about topics you've never heard about or flexing their muscles doing hard work in the outdoors. They are recognizable for their sharp wit and with their ability to answer any question about pretty much anything. If you have the fortune to encounter this rare creature, sincere goodwill and a sense of humor will help you to tame it and avoid those sharp teeth.
Bob: "Why can't I be more like k0rp? I wish I could."
Joe: "Nobody can...dude's a legend."
by llacacia August 19, 2011

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