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Only noobs think that k holing is overdosing on ketamine when in actual fact, people with experience know that its the best bit.
Yesmate, you get the film and projector while I'll make lines - for the ultimate k hole cinema :D
#k hole #ketamine #cinema #overdosing #noobs
by lkewis November 11, 2007
The place you go when you have been surfing the internet mindlessly for too long and lose track of time or what you are doing.

Similar to being in a k hole, can be hard to come out of but can usually be resolved by pursuing normal activities such as socialising at the pub (also known as "having a life").
"man, I was net hole'in so hard the other night till you guys came over cracked open the beers"
#net hole #surfing #internet #k hole #place
by lkewis November 15, 2007
An unintended sleep which lasts approximately an hour. Usually brought on by A)Partying hard B) Not sleeping for days C) Taking lots of Acid. May cause temporary dillusion, confusion and memory loss (and in extreme cases death by memory loss).

Similar to a K Hole but not necessarily brought on by usage of prohibited substances. Also see "Day Dreaming" and "Sister Act 3"

(Kind of like the film "The Hole" but actually nothing like it)
Dude, check out that nigga, he is blatently in a sleep hole
#sleep #sleeping #holing #hole #lkewis #acid
by lkewis June 29, 2008
When someone is perverted with gaining information or educating themselves, whether it be usefull or completely irrelevant to anything. Like Geek'ing out, but whilst actually being cool.
"Timothy is a soul/funk dj,which gives him cool status, but has a never ending appetite for finding information on the illuminati, for which he knows more about than anyone in the village of East Nessleswick. What an infovert!"
#information #pervert #infovert #inforvertism #infoverti
by lkewis September 05, 2008
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