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A city that is a north suburb of Indianapolis, this city is one of the wealthiest in the Indianapolis area. However, the residents live in a huge bubble in more ways than one. To start, they are rich...FOR INDIANA...these residents like to brag about the new mansions they had built for $500,000 when that same amount would barely get them a 30 year old Quad-level in a middle-class Chicago suburb (including some towns in Northwest Indiana). Also, the city is deeply in debt because of constant construction and upgrades that they cannot afford...but it is about "maintaining the image" of their city...I guess it matches the American Dream though: debt, debt, and more debt! The schools are good, especially the high school, but it is huge (almost 4,000 students) and everyone refuses to build a new high school for fear that it will divide the community and shut down the athletic powerhouse that the high school is. The wealthiest residents are either residents who are related to wealthy Indianapolis families that have been around for hundreds of years, or Chicago suburb transplants. Native Hoosiers that move to Carmel from one of the townships are NOT rich but think they are because they now have a Carmel address...oh, and their boys basketball team likes to rape other boys too...classy...
Have you ever been to Carmel, Indiana? It is basically like the Naperville of Indiana except newer, not as wealthy, and just shittier.
by lkdsfnjkdsjk July 06, 2011

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