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1 definition by lizzie65498

A tiny pinprick hunk of floating land, better known as an island between canada and the rest of michigan. Most of which the kids are secluded and naive. Who have spent countless of hours up on macomb becuase it's the 'cool' thing to do. You won't find any sXe kids here, nope, they steal from their parents liqour cabnets. The highschool consists of one hot ass. principle, and the formally known whitesnake member as the principle. HAH. ROCK ON WHITESNAKE. Theres only one street of civilization surrounded by 100000 sq. ft of "GROSSE ILE OPEN SPACE", no side walks, and a useless airpot and roadkill everywhere else. Most people learn how to drive a boat before their car or bike. Going to sugar island and the cross dykes is a normal summer routine, and you tell your parents you're staying the night at your BFFEAEA friends house when really you're gonig to party over on stout or island blvd. The cops give out more MIPS then the ladies at meijer giving out free sausage samples.
you be goin to the islandgrosse ile today?
naw man, i ain't paying three bucks to be around non-sXe kids.
by lizzie65498 June 22, 2007