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2 definitions by lizzie baby

a matress store that has one day sales every day from 10am-9pm on any occasion.
Steve: Hey Bob! are you going to sleepy's one day sale? its a once in a lifetime event!
Bob: No Steve I was planning on going tomorrow because they have another one day sale! In fact i think this is the 7th one day sale this week!
by lizzie baby February 02, 2006
italian czechoslavakian hungarians are usually people that are very proud of their heritage and ask their grandmothers all about their family history. they tend to boycott at local 7-11's and make up fake news reports. they also have really weird science teachers and are obsessed with the disney channel.
italian czechoslavakian hungarians are people who shall remain nameless and have blonde, whoops i mean brown hair.
by lizzie baby January 30, 2006