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An ugly-ass dick-breathed girl who is the fake Lizzie's cousin. She needs to get a life and stop selling herself for a slut.
Did you see that hoe on the street last night? She was like the Nat-Chan I banged last night--All nasty, crabby, and loose as hell!!
by Lizzie May 26, 2003
teh_$3xy member of ev-nova.net.
Borby scare the n0Obs.
by Lizzie March 07, 2005
hey cino gino....
by Lizzie February 10, 2004
Busted-Ass Toes; Nasty toes characterized by deteriorating toenails, and dry, crusty, hard toe-knuckles.
My girl has the worst BATs I've seen up in this piece, yo.
by Lizzie April 13, 2003
Abbreviation for Big Deal
Don't worry, it's no BD.
by Lizzie October 10, 2004
a beautiful girl with a lot of friends an intellgent mind and she is easily amused and is VERY funny she is caring and will always make u feel better!
lane:r u alright
none1: now i am thanks a lot lane!!
by lizzie March 15, 2005
its like the word shiza it is an awesome word we use it like an exspression
zonka lizzie and thomas
by lizzie March 09, 2005

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