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a fake hug
can also pertain to awkward hugs
or more typically those in car hugs that cannot be classified as real hugs. they therefore are fake--"fugs"
The boy tried to give the girl a hug in the car but it was more like a fug so she made him get out of the car.
by lizbrez February 16, 2009

as in something is not really legitimate.
but one thinks it is or pretends that it is in order to appear cool.
Girl 1: You're seriously dating him? Like it's legit??
Girl 2: Actually...it's kind of fegit. He doesn't really KNOW we're dating...
by Lizbrez January 23, 2009
1. To get crumbs or some other form of shmutz all over the place. (verb)

2. Used as a noun to say that there are crumbs all over you.

(Borising commonly occurs after a late night hookup...unidentified crumbs may appear.)
Ex 1:
"Oh man! While eating the pretzels i Borised all over myself! :("

Ex 2:
"Looks like while i was eating Boris paid me a little visit"
by lizbrez March 12, 2009
a. When something is not really official but is close enough to being official.

b. When someone is delusional enough to believe that something is official
Girl 1: OMG you guys are dating?? Like officially?!
Girl 2: Well...not exactly. We're kind of...fofficial
by lizbrez January 22, 2009

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