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Abbreviation for "I can't deal"
OMG he still hasn't called me back!! ICD with this :(
by lizbrez March 22, 2009
a favor that you pay for
similar to the concept of prostitution
but can be on a smaller-scale
Girl 1: Will you tickle my arm please?
Girl 2: Not for free...
Girl 1:Think of it as a favor
Girl 2: No...give me money...$5...payvor!!

2. I gave the stripper $250 for a payvor in my bed. ;)
by lizbrez February 06, 2009
Abbreviation for "Too Bad it is Your Problem".
Commonly used in response to "not my problem."
Girl 1: Crap! I got my period!!!
Girl 2: Not my problem...
Girl 1: TBIIYP...im wearing your shorts :)
by lizbrez March 01, 2009
an expression used commonly by guys who

a. don't give a crap
b. get pissed off and want to end a conversation.
c. refuse to add the "r" to wtv thus making it wtvr
Girl: "I'm sorry but i don't wanna hook up with you this weekend"
Guy: "wtv pc"
by lizbrez February 16, 2009
peed in my pants

(similar to the familiar j.i.m.p--jizzed in my pants)
Girl 1: Hey didn't you say you had to go to the bathroom?
Girl 2; Uhhh its a little late...i already p.i.m.p
Girl 1: UM EW!!!
by lizbrez February 16, 2009
The abbrevation for the commonly used phrase

"Suck it up, suck it in, suck my dick"

A phrase used by lovely guys with excellent manners.
Girl : I don't wanna send you pix of me in a bra...i'm self concious :/

Boy: Uhh SIU SII SMD...

Girl: wtf...
by lizbrez March 22, 2009
Too bad so sad, not my problem

*commonly used to show that you just don't give a fuck
Girl 1: omg...he just dumped me
Girl 2: uhhh tbss nmp. i dont rele care....
by lizbrez March 22, 2009

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