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Sexually Comfortable
The girls were completely straight but showered together because they were sexomfortable
by Lizbrez January 23, 2009
the female version of a bro-mance.
when two girls are comfortable enough with eachother to the point that they are nearly romantic...but not lesbian.
1. The girls showered together because they were part of a hoe-mance

Girl 1: Aww i love you...no homo.
Girl 2: Awww i love our hoe-mance

by lizbrez January 23, 2009
the way to spell the more common word "Russia" when you lack brain cells or any significant ounce of intelligence.

(commonly used by curly haired boys with large thighs)
*texting convo*

Guy 1: DUDE! Why didn't you tell me you're from Rushia?
Guy 2: get a freaking spelling book dipship. It's spelled R-U-S-S-I-A

by lizbrez February 08, 2009
oh my fucking lord!!!

(kinda like omfg)

*usually said ecstatically!
OMFL I won the contest!! OMFL OMFL!!! :D
by Lizbrez January 26, 2009
when you are very disturbed by the content of a text message
*girl receives text message from ugly guy*:
"hey babe wanna come over and bang?"

*girl says to friend*: "OMG i'm seriously texturbed right now!!"
by Lizbrez January 26, 2009
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