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noun: a person who is from Flushing, Queens. May either dress like a tacky gangsta wannabe or a snotty teenage Aberzombie. Can be spotted traveling in packs, often engaging in loud, raucous behavior. Most likely attends or have attended Flushing High School.
"God, look at her name-plate belt, her lovehandles spilling out of her cheap skin-tight pants, and her nasty perm."
"Must be a Flushinghead."
by lizbianish January 30, 2008
A sudden exclamation of slang often heard in rap and hip-hop.
"This week's sales have been abysmal. Fred, why don't -BALLIN- you show us your Powerpoint?"

"Seeems as if John has afro reflux."
by lizbianish November 18, 2007

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