4 definitions by lizbian

its a type of warrior... like crazylike folk... who battled for shit... i think they wore horns on their heads like crazy mofos!
you are a crazy trojan warrior dude
by lizbian February 15, 2004
haha is the noise emitted by a cracked up hyena... rhymes with baa baa... which is the noise made by a lamb...
"haha" look at me i am a cracked up hyena
by lizbian February 15, 2004
term used when trying to convey to a friend that there are many russians around
"I went to the store and all i can say is ,bleagh!!"
by lizbian December 16, 2004
used when something undisireable happens
"Oh frant, they're out of preperation h at the drugstore."
by lizbian December 16, 2004

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