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The so-called "Blue Waffle Disease" is a new urban legend sparked by an image of a woman's bluish-tinted, scabbed vagina widely circulated on the internet. The image is thought to be Photoshopped. If it is, in fact, a real woman's vagina (not digitally altered), it is likely severely bruised as lacerated as a result of rape.
Dr. Amy Whitaker, professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology at the University of Chicago Hospital:

“There is no disease known as “blue waffle disease,” in the medical world. There is no disease that causes a blue appearance on the external genitalia. ... The common belief among medical professionals with whom I have spoken or e-mailed about this is that it is a hoax; the picture and “fake” disease used to lure people into some web site. ... There are no STDs that go only from women to men. (Really now, how would women get them?!)"
by lizardqueen March 21, 2012
1. Having to do with or being characterized by calculus.
2. Descriptive term for a hot/hott intellectual individual: good-looking geek
The test had a lot of calculicious equations.

She's lookin' damn calculicious with those new glasses.
by Lizardqueen May 29, 2006
1. Seemingly free from danger, harm, evil, or injury, usually used in an uncertain context: mostly safe

2. Term used by an extrordinarily stupid individual in trying to convince his buddies that his actions are taken with proper premeditation, research, or intuitive foresight.
Ind. 1: Hey y'all! Watch this!
Ind. 2: Should you really be doin' that, man?
Ind. 1: Naw, y'all, I saw some guy do this on "Walker, Texas Ranger" last night. It's totally undangerous.
by Lizardqueen May 28, 2006
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