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noun; used to describe a female who has displayed the rare phenomena of haveing poo magicaly appear inside her primary sexual orifice.
"dude i swear that bitch had poo in her giner! what is she, some kind of poodidni?"
by living proof December 12, 2003
adj; describes something so cool, so spectacular, that it makes you say wow. it is used when the only way to describe such a tremendously amazing thing can not be accomplished by using only one of these supplementary adjectives.
indiv. 1 "Rimmy! did you see the look on fatboss's face when we walked out?!"
indiv. 2 "fuck yeah dude! that shit was prettycooltacularwow!"
by living proof December 12, 2003
abrev; used by military personel when abreviating the word barracks.
indiv. 1 "wow she's hot, what are you gonna do with her"
indiv. 2 "well i plan on getting her so drunk she cant even speak german anymore, then try to take her back to the b's
by living proof December 12, 2003
word used to spice up conversation by vietnamese americans. also used as a greeting
indiv. 1 " hey man whats up?"
indiv. 2 " NOOF!"
by living proof December 12, 2003
1)used by military personel to show motivation. 2)used by military personel to speed up a conversation when you arent listening anyway.
1) indiv. 1 "everybody ready to catch some bullets?"
indiv.2 "HOOAH!"
2) indiv. 1 "hey can you do me a fa*"(chopped off abrubptly)
indiv. 2 "HOOAH sar'nt"
by living proof December 12, 2003
Adj; used to describe the false sense of enthusiasim one shows to get their jackass boss to leave them alone false motivation
"I knew i didnt have to check up on Molitor today after he showed such outstanding motivation this mornig."
by living proof December 12, 2003
Abrev; propernoun; "Sukmanouski". since people cant say the name of Sukmanouski, surname of Russian origin, they have taken to the abreveation of the word Ski
"ski stop being such a piece of work, and clean up your own motorpool."
by living proof December 12, 2003

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