3 definitions by livia

To be in a state of throwing a fit.
The girl was very fitsy when things did not go her way.
by Livia February 13, 2003
the big red light district is amsterdam sex cinemas gay cinemas for guys only prostitute houses and red lights everywhere girls in glow in the dark outfits ppl tryin to pick up any one clubs and more clubs and red lights out side the houses basically mean some prostitute is workin
red light district is amsterdam
by livia April 23, 2006
A lot of people have different meanings for the word slampig, but summed up… it means slut. It doesn’t have to mean slut in the way most people think… easy. Slampig fits every girl that dresses a little slutty when they go out. Slampig can also be described as the girls who put their makeup on and go to the gym.
by Livia October 14, 2003

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