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7 definitions by livefree

Epic Beard Man (Thomas Bruso aka Vietnam Tom aka Tom Slick) is a 67 year old war veteran who gained internet fame on February 16th, 2010 in a video which was filmed by Iyanna Washington and was posted to YouTube. In the video, our elderly hero finds himself confronted by a racially sensitive and reasonably angry drunk black man. He subsequently surprises us by delivering a beat down so crushing in its righteousness that it has touched the scrotum of Jesus himself. Predictably enough, lulz ensued and 4chan dropped everything to crown their new King. Epic Beard Man is a MOTHER FUCKER. He even has the shirt to prove it.
EBM kicked that nigger's ass on the bus. The nigger din do nuffins.
by livefree February 20, 2010
Oral sex with a black woman.
The difference between a black girlfriend and a black hooker is that you don't need to dig that nappy dugout and give the whore coonalingus.
by livefree September 20, 2010
A common name (handle) for someone from New Hampshire, where the state slogan is "Live Free or Die!" This slogan appears on the automobile license plate, and on the state seal. It reflects the pre-democrat government position of small government, and "leave me the hell alone" mentality of residents of New Hampshire, until the early 21st century.
Livefree, bitches! The following are not required: motorcycle helmets, auto insurance, gun-free zones. The first two are recommended. The third is thanks to a police state.
by livefree December 21, 2009
Babydaddytat is the visible scratch marks across a black male's face, usu. the cheek. It is typically caused by a fight with the mother of this person's child. More specifically, it is a tattoo that appears on the baby daddy after fighting with the baby mama and is used to show ownership of the male. Can also be caused during rough sex.
Bitch, you splashed some MD2020 in my babydaddytat!
by livefree October 24, 2010
(abbrev.) Great American Pavement Ape. Slang term, usu. derogatory, black male, a.k.a. African American. So called due to physical resemblance to ape / jungle primate, living in America instead of natural habitat in Africa or some other continent than American continent. Pavement refers to the urban landscape of pavement versus vegetation or other natural botanic elements in nature. "Great" is patronizing ironic reference to the term used in other, more legitimate toxonomic references.
Behold the mighty Great American Pavement Ape, body slammed by Epic Beard Man. GAPA got pwned.
by livefree May 29, 2010
Acronym for "Be Careful What You Ask For (because you may get it)". This is what you might say to someone who wants something, but has not yet thought about the "unintended consequences". For example, someone might have said "I sure wish we had a president with a "W" for a middle initial!" BCWYAF!

note: this is pronounced "be careful..." and said with a trailing note that the rest of the sentence is un-said.
I sure wish we had a woman, or a black, for a president.

by livefree February 11, 2010
A local Baltimore term for wilding which is a random attack by one or more individuals against a lone individual. Not necessarily, but typically, this is a small pack of niggers who attack a white boy out too late in the wrong part of town. The motivation is bragging rights, as in "we banked that white boy!" This act is usually NOT accompanied by theft (mugging).
"But, you know, there's something particularly odious and cowardly about this Baltimore "banking" (the local term for "wilding"), that one has to wonder if the city isn't producing a town full of cowards. I mean, like, 5,6,7, or 10, 12 young people jumping and beating up someone, who they don't think can easily fight back, usually someone alone, that they don't even know or ever met............ya gotta wonder: are they really proud of themselves? You know, it doesn't take a lot of guts to do that. So, are our teenagers making us into "a city of cowards"?

(from a Baltimore Crime blog on blogger dot com)
by livefree July 24, 2010