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Alyssa is someone who will get easily dedicated. She'll get hurt for the littlest things, but she'll always care for you. She'll say she's over someone, but she really isn't. Alyssa can be a bitch sometimes. She has obsessive crushes, and she likes to dream. Sleep is her bestfriend, and she takes her grades seriously. She regrets so much.. She loves compliments. So make sure to compliment her a lot. She loves kisses on foreheads and snuggling. If you have someone like this, keep her. Oh and, she gets offended easily. It'll take her forever to get over someone. At one point, it's annoying.. But then again.. She really cares.
Wow, Alyssa still likes Brian.
by liveclassy November 28, 2012
Andres is extremely cute. He's got that cute, lovely smile. You'll notice him because he seriously stands out. Andres, he's truly amazing. A lot of girls like him, but I guess he's picky.. He's that guy that you somehow always see around. He's shy, ladies. But a keeper.
I have a big crush on Andres.
by liveclassy November 28, 2012
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