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You know you live in New Canaan when...

You can’t walk around any of the schools without seeing at least 3 Rugby shirts

Everyone even the guys know all the names of the people from the OC

Your next door neighbor gets arrested for dealing cocaine

You’re scared to go to Norwalk because you think you going to get shot

The only time you would ever think of going to the Bronx is to go to the Bronx Zoo

Starbucks coffee is inexpensive to you

Even some of the guys wear some from of Ugg shoes

A Rams bumper sticker is plastered on every Land Rover

You still think its summer so you wear flip flops in December

Sports are not a game its life

When you turn 16 you want a Land Rover and you expect to get one

Birkenstocks aren’t for old people they’re for the teenagers

When you talk about the moose the only thing you relate it to is Abercrombie

When you can’t count the number of Hummers, Porsches, and Land Rovers in the streets on one hand

Half the people aren’t who they really are

Even though every mom is blonde and big boobed, you know it's all fake

Perfection isn’t expected its reality

A 12 year old could pass for a 21 year old and get alcohol

The police are always showing up at the school for stupid small crimes created by the students

When almost half of the population hates living here

But we are still able to look like rich and perfect people

screw that

none of it's true
If you live in New Canaan you should know what all of this means
by live love laugh April 20, 2006
A Goddess. It is an Indian name that originated from the name of a Hindu God - "Lord Shiva".
Hi Shivi, How are you?
by Live Love Laugh April 17, 2013

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