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1960's term for blue collar laborers (they typically worked at a packing house, or on the line at a factory) who were often spotted in greasy diners hunched over their food. Typically they wore dark pants, white socks and sensible dark work shoes.
Did you check out those creepy Lunchers at Dottie's Diner today?
by littlewing043 March 23, 2013
Generally a casserole consisting of anything which has been stored in a plastic container in the fridge, thrown loosely together with a cream soup, adding an optional can of corn and topped with shredded cheese. Closely related to Baff, Mystery Meat and/or Corn Slop.
'After putting in a tiring 12 hour day Mom emptied the contents of the refrig into a casserole dish, topped it with some shredded cheese, added a can of shoe peg corn and called it a Taste Thrill.'
by littlewing043 February 01, 2010
Verb - Term usually associated with kids who have nothing to do and are bored out of their skulls, but can apply to adults as well. The act of muxxing can apply to climbing, or pouring, over furniture; house shadowing a parent or guardian complaining loudly; wandering aimlessly around the interior of a living space bemoaning the fact that there is nothing to do.
After the 3rd snowday the excitement of being out of school had set in and the kids were driving me batty - they were muxxing all over the house. Too cold to go outside to play~ there were board games half started, lego projects half done, crayons, tape, glitter and paints sitting on every open surface.
by littlewing043 January 24, 2010

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