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The Allman Brothers are a liquid poetry, thrums of the guitar strumming over you. Your own personal connection to the mystic, yours for this night only. Running down your arms and legs, licks a delicious delight. You are caught up in the drive of the guitars, those phantasmic twin guitars, but then you notice the bass. Actually, you don't hear it unless you really listen, actually it's the bass that pulls the song along. Keeping time and sending us the sweetest of vibrations. Did I say keyboards? Gregg's moody touches on his keys punctuating, emphasizing. And JABUMA! Jabuma, Jabuma! Sounds just like what it is, the percussion section, the freakin' percussion section. Can you deny it? Their drums, triple threat, pull you up in a wave and send you along the beat. Nothing better than a good drum solo. The Allmans? They are my heartbeat. I live for the first few notes of Jessica, knowing that I get to hear at least 15 minutes more of joy. The Allmans woke my soul. That's how I define them.
The Allman Brothers will be in ATLANTA soon!
by littlemulegal July 29, 2006

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