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One of the MANY synonyms for "Poop". This is just one of hundreds.
Dude#1: "Guess what I did last night?"

Dude#2: "After Taco Bell? What?"

Dude#1: "I Dopped the biggest chocolate dragon ever man!"
by LittlecBigC February 19, 2009
Used to describe something you find to be "cool" meaning the same as;"sick" or "awesome".
That was dirt salad man.

This pie is dirt salad.
by littlecbigC September 03, 2008
An incredibly lame super hero with no personality and is much too powerful. Sure he was one of the first, but is also one of the worst (rhyme intended). Uninteresting, not the smartest, funniest, coolest, basically no falling into any of these characteristics, its no wonder there were no good Superman video games made.
Normalguy: "Is it me or is Superman, just... not that interestin'?"

ComicGeek: " Oh, its definitly not you."
by littlecBigC February 19, 2009

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