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1. A female spirit derived from ancient Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death. Her Scottish counterpart is the Bean Nighe (washer-woman). It is said that when a person hears the Bansee's wail three nights in a row, a person in their family will die. When several Banshees appear, it indicates the death of someone great or holy.

2. Contemporary usage and depictions of the Banshee give her a much more evil nature, being often used as a foe in series and video games, and characterized by her powerful and strident voice.

3. An obnoxious, loud woman.
1. I heard a Banshee last night, I'm afraid this means mama will not heal.

2. "When a simple mortal hears a Banshee's cry, they die. But Banshees are former witches, and when a witch hears their cry, they turn into a Banshee!" - Charmed

3. Your mother-in-law is a banshee!
by littlecat February 26, 2007
When talking about urban vinyl (designer toys), articulations are joints (movable arms, legs, head, ...).
Baby Balls is my favorite toy of the line. This guy has a style that I can relate to. He has three points of articulation and comes with a bottle of cheap beer that is always full.
by Littlecat April 02, 2007

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