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cheating on your partner, typically when your current partner doesn't give you what you need.
buddy: 'outsourcing again?'
he: 'yeah, she swallows...'


buddy: 'outsourcing again?'
she: 'yeah, he has a car'
by little-miss can't do wrong March 10, 2007
An enterprising individual, whose superior technical ability often clouds the presentation to 'normal people' of an otherwise inspiring solution to a frequently infuriating problem.
Steve: "If you just tweak this bit of code, then..."
Human: "Dude! You're such an EntrepreNERD. How DID you know that?"
Steve: "RTFM"

(Note: The use of the name 'Steve' is not directed at a specific individual, but the name does crop-up so frequently in IT, it's uncanny...)
by little-miss can't do wrong May 27, 2007
Formerly known as SPAM. The SPASM is a contemporary emotion personified by the uncontrollable grimacing that results from receiving the first junk mail of the day...
Buddy: "Jeez, I thought you were gonna rattle off yer chair?!?!"
Victim: "Nah, I just got m'self a beef-jerky-viagra-kind-of-a-vibe..."
Buddy: "Any good?"
Victim: Er... Nope. Just' a lil' SPASM..."
by little-miss can't do wrong March 02, 2007
derived from the desire to 'swear without swearing', from a glorious exchange - with nether party swearing one bit!

in an attempt to imply 'f-off', the rhyme was offered up instead. with great surprise the reply was even better than the joke itself...

(also used: 'would you like to play the russian composer?')
me: 'enter facetious remark here'
other: 'enter doubly facetious retort here'
me: rhymes with "cough"
other: er, "rachmaninoff"?
by little-miss can't do wrong January 03, 2008
The art of embellishment. A re-inventive shakedown, where the speaker aims to convince the listener of something clearly untoward.
Speaker: My <something> is <enter something inflammatory here>

Listener: Wicked! Sound great, butt-cha can't Paint the rainbow y'all?

by little-miss can't do wrong April 16, 2008
The life-absorbing surface you are looking at right now (unless your kid printed this out for you). Modern day substitute for life, love and the universe, often confused with reality.
"Step away from the wrecktangle..."
by little-miss can't do wrong January 03, 2008
The best word to add to the Tags section, when submitting your entry to the Urban Dictionary.

Whilst it may have absolutely nothing whatever to do with your term, it could help boost your up/down ranking.
List at least five synonyms, antonyms, related words and misspellings, separated by commas: bootylicious

Look up any word, like bootylicious
by little-miss can't do wrong July 27, 2011
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