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It is a drinking game developed in George Town by Nick aka yoshi aka the jew aka yar-yar. It is set up on a standard beer pong table, maybe a little bit wider if you prefer.

Each side starts with 3 pyramids (racks, triangles). Racks can vary in size from 3 cups to 10 cups. Each rack has its own person (only one person drinks from each triangle/rack). Ping-pong balls are used and at least one ball per person. So if you have three racks on each side you need 6 balls.

The 2 sides are the Soviets (Com block) and the Allies (Nato). Each person starts with a ball. The Russians get to fire the first shot. Once the first ball leaves the hand of a Soviet player the Nato players can fire back.

The Rules:
Soviets fire first. Nato can respond. There are no turns like in beer pong/Beirut. If a ball lands in one of your cups you cannot do anything (not throw the ball or collecting the balls) until you finish your beer. (If another ball lands in one of your cups while your drinking, then you must finish that one as well). Once you have a ball you can throw it. Bounces can be knocked away but they do not give you any advantage. You can only collect balls that are on your half of the table/room ect. You cannot cross it (the middle dividing line is the Iron Curtain!!(yet). Once your rack of cups has been drunk you can cross to the other side as a spy, where you can compete for the balls w/ the opposing team and throw them back to your teammates.

Your can use strategies such as hording the balls and making into all of your opponents cups to keep them drinking.

This is a VERY FAST paced game.
Damn, the game of cold war really got me drunk.
by little vu June 05, 2009

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