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Free from traditional social or moral constraints; the opposite of inhibited.

Usage note: The vernacular "uninhibited" is grammatically incorrect as it contains a double-negative. The gentle urban speaker prefers the lesser-known, yet infinitely more refined, "hibited." See hibition.
After drinking a half-bottle of rum, I felt free and hibited -- enough to fuck a fat chick!
by little man August 16, 2005
a wedgie; term commonly used in the late 1970's and early 1980's
I'm having a hard time walking because those eighth-graders gave me a snuggie.
#wedgie #snuggy #melvin #mervin #vedgie
by little man October 27, 2008
1. Conscious or unconscious lack restraint of a behavioral process, a desire, or an impulse; the opposite of inhibition.

2. The motivation to act upon such an impluse despite strong social mores to the contrary.

3. The lack of, or the state of being without, inhibition. See hibited.
Drinking excessive ammounts of beer always brings out my hibitions. I find it much easier to meet girls and make out within minutes!
by little man August 16, 2005
aka butt-monkey, a person who can shave his butt and walk backwards and noone would know the difference
The guy who stole my toilet is a butt-monkey/skunk monkey
by little man September 09, 2003
Abbreviation for: Best Fucking Friend. The person to whom you are closest.
Dude, you're my bff! We get along so well.
by little man August 16, 2005
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