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Plasticized tv news announcer, usually female, most notable for their barbie-like characteristics; over-coiffed, likely botoxed, inappropriately sexy in inflatable doll sort of way. Are completely devoid of journalism skills. Sine qua non - inappropriate flirting and uncomprehending smile/perky demeanor.
Did you see the news barbie in the hurricane - her hair and face didn't move at all!
by little boo April 13, 2010
(noun) A young man who is attractive to older women.
Did you see the movie where the boy took off his shirt? Now, that was some cougar nip!
by Little Boo April 18, 2011
A man, especially under 25, who is skilled in cunnilingus; most engage in spelunking - i.e. cave exploration by unqualified amateurs.
She would have left him, but Bill was one of the few non-spelunkers of her youth.
by Little boo April 09, 2010
Disproportionately large-jawed, underweight women, frequently blond, often in television or fashion - defining features are due to their subsistence on raw, hard to chew vegetable matter of low nutritional quality; just like pandas, which subsist on bamboo.
All the news chicks are pandas these days.
by little boo April 09, 2010
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