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a person who jerks off so much and gets his jizz so far and so accurate that he can hit a 3-inch diameter target from 50 feet away.
...a person who gets so much pussy and or asshole and or mouth that they are the master at jizzing. They do it perfectly...everything
Jessica: wow! Smitty is such a jizz master!!! He hit me from accross the room!
Ally: yea...i know, he hit me with the same shot, and we were 5 feet apart from each other
by Little Gords March 14, 2007
when youwatch way too much porn and you just blow a load off in your jeans. It creams up your boxers and gets nasty after a while
yo man, i was watching some awesome porn the other night, and I creamed my jeans
cream in your jeans
by Little Gords March 16, 2007
A derroggiatory word used to describe someone that is hated or unliked. The words "Cock-Juggling" refer back to someone who people call gay. "Thunder-Cunt" is deriving from someone who people call a lesbian/slore.
He/she Juggles all the cocks around sucks them and than (she) gets her pussy licked and filled with so many one eyed squirrels that it starts to rumble.
That kid is such a CJTC (Cock-Juggling Thunder-Cunt)
by Little Gords July 23, 2006
a man of un-specified age, who unknowlingly boasts of un-told about a great many things. Basically, a jizz rag
"Snorlax is way more ripped than you wiggly-dick!!"
-Ian Dickson
by Little Gords March 17, 2007
a woman of un-specified age, who unknowlingly boasts of un-told knowledge about a great many things. Basically, a titty rag
anyone whos middle name begins with an 'F' and ends in 'RANCIS'

by Little Gords March 17, 2007
a cross between a faggot and a doche bag. Somebody who is a true tool, asshole, dickweed, queer, and jerk-off. This person is the king or queen of every person who sucks at life.

Man, jack is such a fag-bag. he thinks that he is so cool, but nobody likes him, and hehas no friends.
by Little Gords March 14, 2007
when men compete against each other in black jack with a female dealer and a pre set amount of time...starting with the same amount of money. whoever has the most amount of money when the ten minutes is up gets a blow job from the dealer. in the result of a tie, the two or more who tied get blowjobs

mike won in doudle bj last night so kelly had to give him a blowjob
mike, alex, matt, gary, and andrew all tied in double bj two weeks ago...kellyhad to give everyone a blowjob...she just loves it when everyone wins
by Little Gords July 24, 2006

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