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The act of squeezing your balls into the ass of a woman and the fucking her pussy with your dick. As you can imagan this is quite hard to do, just like putting to puppise in a bath tube. So that is it putting your puppies (balls) in the bath (ass).
Alex: 'That girl you went with last night a a wild rep any of it true?'

Graham: 'Yes, she loved anal and then she said to me put my balls in her ass and fuck her pussy, so I thought this is freaky but what the hell and gave it a try. Man its hard work to get your balls into a bitchs ass, they keep on wanting to pop out.'

Alex: 'So its like putting your puppies in the bath.'

Graham: 'Yep, so that rep is true my man.'
#puppies #balls #ass #bitch #rep #dick #anal
by littel jon April 06, 2007
Before you ream a chicks ass you should always test the oil, to make sure her chocolate star fish is clear. This is done by going at it doggy style and in the process wopping a digit up the ass and pulling out to see if it is clean and safe to proceed. If all is good have fun, if not grab her hair and use it to clean your finger as if cleaning a dip stick on a car.
"Dude last night went to fuck this chick ass but lucky I remenbered to test the oil first or I would have been a mess, she was full to the max level"
#chocolate star fish #ass #digit #doggy style #chick #wopping
by littel Jon March 05, 2007
'Moving funiture' is a way to tell your buddys that you had sex with a hot girl friend after helping her to move house. In other words boasting to your buddys in the bar afterwards by saying "She really like moving" or "we moved the the funiture six times when I help her move in."
Alex:"Last night I helped Elizabeth move."
Graham: "How did it go?"
Alex: "We were moving furniture all night,six times in all! It made saturday at work so hard."
Graham: "Six times in one night you greedy bastard. I am glad work sucked."
#sex #greedy #bastard #buddys #sucked
by littel Jon March 05, 2007
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