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a time travelling device invented by mr emmanuelle greengrass in 1978, kept secret by the san marino government for use of trying to gain more area in northern italy.
ok, fridge circuits, "on", quaxx, "quaxxing".

1st person: i would like to meet henry viii
2nd person: you need a quaxx, you twat.
by listypoos September 20, 2004
a descriptive term for an idiotic git. derived from the well known nonsensical term 'no zebras do jools', meaning that zebras refuse to have intercourse with jools holland due to his idioticness.
oh, tarquin, you are a nozdoj.

what a twat, he's being a right nozdoj today.
by listypoos September 20, 2004
The type of 'lad' who goes out clubbing trying to look like David Beckham, but doesn't quite manage it, and ends up looking like a twat.
Look at that twat, he's well gredd with that bleached mohawk haircut from 2 years ago.
by listypoos November 09, 2004
a term for not having much storage space.
i just moved house but i'm going to have to get rid of some things because i've got smollocks.
by listypoos November 04, 2004
to be out of ones depth in any situation.
as soon as we were peeing gay, getting ready to stay puft her, i noticed that compared to everyone else, my knob was a bit mansarino and i felt that i was playing cricket down a mine.
by listypoos September 30, 2004
for something to be hard, or tough.

can be used to describe an object or a persons hardness.

derived from the olde english word cunné.
he's well crunné

i got a massive crunné-on when i saw her bovobuar thogg.
by listypoos September 20, 2004
slang for small time

if something isn't good enough for bigger things in life
yeah, they're a vonference band.

with that knob, he always be a vonference porn star.
by listypoos September 20, 2004

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