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an internet rule that states that if it can be said, it can be said with a picture
why say "i see what you did there" when you can just as easily scour the interweb for hours trying to find a picture of an owl with a text edit saying the same thing?

that's rule 32
by lishuss October 17, 2006
When musicians, mainly "rock" frontmen, sing in a way that they sound like they have a horrible cold. It's mostly used to cover up the fact that a singer has no real talent in singing from the diaphragm. Mostly associated with emo "rock"

(Editorial note: the quotation marks are used cause I am not entirely convinced that these can be considered true rock bands)
You ever hear 'Simple Plan'?
Yeah, THAT'S nasal rock
by lishuss May 11, 2006
Modern Heavy Metal. A term given to "rock music" where the singer chooses to scream or roar out the lyrics as opposed to actually singing them. An act that makes the throat rather soar and hoarse afterwards, causes the musician to require a lozenge of some kind
Some may say that Rock & Roll died with Kurt Cobain, but, in fact, it died with the surfacing of Lozenge Rock
by lishuss October 14, 2005

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