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the superlative of gay, the most stupid thing ever
"That is the gayest thing you've ever said, gay, gay, gay."
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
a white geologist. (a way to make slang by blending to words together to make one) a slang word like wankster to signify something as white by putting a "w" before it...
However, this is a stupid word to make up because most geologists are white, so it's kind of a joke.
Chris is a weologist, just like i'm a thristian. (thugish christian)
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
"the grove"- one of two areas in indianapolis: either beech grove or center grove
If you speed through the grove, you will get pulled over and handcuffed and people will come out of their houses asking what you did wrong.
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
1. a nasty meat substitute
2. a nickname for chris hall from christopher to topher to tofu... "the other white meat"
1. Sara put tofu on her salad
2. Hey, Tofu, wanna debate about life?
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
phrase used by stoners (frequent pot smokers) just before lighting marijuana in any form
"Hey, stop playing that video game and come over here. Fire in the hole!"
by lisagirl April 08, 2003
having sex with a friend's ex
I can't believe you're gonna takin sloppy seconds!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
the past tense of the verb drink--- not really. only in slang.
She drunk herself silly...
by lisagirl April 07, 2003

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