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An experience worthy of the term "classy" is rare, but it is possible to stumble upon one, regularly. Most often classy is used in the instance of a situation or description of something that has not yet been robbed of it's purity; of it's innocence. For the word classy can only describe something that escapes the cruelties of exploitation. Redheads used to be classy, until they were of course, dubbed "gingers."
"Unicorns are classy."

"Jesus is classy."

"soooooooooooo classy."
by Lisa Dragonsoul March 25, 2007
If you told to "GO HOME!" it can be interpreted in many ways, but it is always a put down and should always be taken seriously.

It should be said with a cackle of a laugh, a pointed finger, and a firm and tenacious voice.

Anyone who has "GO HOME" screamed in their face is either dumb or ugly.. or both. In which case they should just keep crying and listen to their mother about their 9:00 bed time.
Greasy Greaser Grease Man: GO HOME!!!
Roarin' underbite poetry boy: I'm not a stupid kid!!

Chula: Go home Tomas.
Tomas: I hope your happy, I'M CRYING NOW!!! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lisa Dragonsoul November 18, 2006
used when someone has just made no sense whatsoever or if they have just expressed their undying love for you.
fair skinned girl-"porque???"
cool softball girl-"you're dumb, i hate you."

"let's make baby!"
"you're dumb."
by lisa dragonsoul September 09, 2006
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