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A hat that fits on the head as if it were an upside down bucket. Trendy amongst twenty-somethings who don't quite know where they fit in. May be emblazened with a beer logo.
Hey! Dump the fish heads out of the bucket and put it on your head. You are now wearing a bucket hat!
by liquidcrack January 22, 2003
A.k.a. "going commando", sporting an unfinished basement implies wearing no under garments.
Go pants Todd, he's got an unfinished basement.
by liquidcrack January 21, 2003
A puffy mullet, almost perm-like. And short at the front, long at the back, of course.
"It's a perm! No, it's a mullet! No! It's MULLAFRO!"
by liquidcrack March 27, 2003
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