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3 definitions by liquidcrack

A hat that fits on the head as if it were an upside down bucket. Trendy amongst twenty-somethings who don't quite know where they fit in. May be emblazened with a beer logo.
Hey! Dump the fish heads out of the bucket and put it on your head. You are now wearing a bucket hat!
by liquidcrack January 22, 2003
27 1
A.k.a. "going commando", sporting an unfinished basement implies wearing no under garments.
Go pants Todd, he's got an unfinished basement.
by liquidcrack January 21, 2003
10 2
A puffy mullet, almost perm-like. And short at the front, long at the back, of course.
"It's a perm! No, it's a mullet! No! It's MULLAFRO!"
by liquidcrack March 27, 2003
5 0