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2 definitions by linkuie

a person who dresses like a complete street punk/gang
wearing baggy pants that dont stay on their waste who wears thier hat off to the side and usually wears white tennishoes and hang on the streets or in the allys whith thier punk friends, smoking weed, and listening to rap music while thier every day meals consist of ''fast food''.
yo, yo, what up my homie. ''look at those gd jiggyshits dan,
what a bunch of fuckin low life punks.
by linkuie December 16, 2009
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someone who lives in a big city, usually a buisnessman or woman, works in an office in some big building all day, drives some fancy new car. owners possions/obsessions consist of, cell phones, laptops, flatscreen tvs, and has never heard of 4 wheel drive, and has only seen a tree or a wild animal in a book, or on the internet.
'' you aint from around here are ya''. ''im sorry to bother you sir, but my car broke down the street from your residence...HOLY SHIT! are those real animals?'' '' i dont know, what do you think dickprick?''
by linkuie December 20, 2009
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