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the only universal comeback. only known rebuff: "what is this obsession you have with my mother?"
an interjection, which can be inserted as the noun in every sentence in the english language.
debater one: my opponent is guilty of using a fallicy, therefore...

by Link the Wolf May 03, 2005
arguably the most infuriatingly arrogant animal in the history of the failing yet oh so grand (and hopefully getting better) experement known as nintendo. has the bad habit of sniggering at players when they dont hit the ever speed increasing ducks.
im gonna freaking KILL THAT DOG!!
by Link the Wolf May 06, 2005
a word used to define some poor bastard you cant whose name you either a) cannot remember or
b) would much rather belittle by calling them whats-his-face

also see whatsisname
Link: man, that whats-his-face is such a prick.

Mud: lets kill him

Link: shouldn't we find who he is first?

mud: why the crap would we do that?
by Link the Wolf May 03, 2005
an adverb used to describe a (prefferably) edible object.
man, chinchilla's are good eating
by Link the Wolf May 03, 2005
in a nutshell, a very big, and very disagreeable entity, human or otherwise. the most widely known dark one is, of course our good friend the squidhead, cthulhu. can be used as an insult in civilized company. used only in circumstances in which the person in question is hated beyond any and all
"go home, dark one." (meaning, go to hell, fucktard)
by Link the Wolf May 10, 2005
originally used to describe a half dragon half man cross breed. two legs, wings, three digits on all digit centers.
also used to describe someone who is very big, kinda smart, and a bit smarmy.
geeze vandy, stop being such a draconum!
by Link the Wolf May 06, 2005
a word that rhymes with frothing and falling, coughing, calling, screaming, bawling, wauling, stalling, pauling, mauling, kauling, quailing, galling, and taulling.
tonights spectrum investigates the whole question of frothing and falling, coughing and calling, screaming and bawling, wauling and stalling, pauling and mauling, kauling and quailing, galling, talling, and zauling. zauling? is there all that zauling? if there is what does it mean? if there isn't what does it mean? perhaps both, maybe niether.
by Link the Wolf May 06, 2005

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