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too high to function; commonly used on the internet
sober guy: wanna play basketballl ?
high guy: sorry man, im 2h2f

away message: 2H2F !!!!!!!
by lindsay maryjewana April 22, 2008
A) poop- adj; a common codeword for weed
B) pooping- v; a common codeword for smoking
C) can also be used as a codeword for anything you want.

originated in woodlands middle school Lake Worth, Florida.
A) Lets get the poop from evan
B) Are we smoking later ?
C) We should poop out and chill with guys
by lindsay maryjewana April 22, 2008
a codename for weed or smoking
did you get the poop ?

are we pooping later ?
by lindsay maryjewana March 29, 2008
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