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nice, pleasant, endearing, likable, non-threatening
They adore her because she is sweet.
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
a word people sometimes use to describe fat girls,
in turn causing those ones with truly good, curvy figures
to believe they ,too, are fat.
An idiot might say, "Of course, you don't need to diet, 10
tonne Tessy. You be proud of your "curves". It's healthy to be completely obese.Because it means you aren't skinny."

by LINDAR May 29, 2006
a woman who values her sex appeal over her intelligence
(this type of woman usually dyes her hair blonde which is where the dumb blonde sterotype came from)
Jessica Simpson is a bimbo
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
the day you look forward to when you are young and dread when you are older.
"Another year older, how do you feel?"

"I feel older."

(example of birthday)
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
awesomely beautiful, gorgeous to look at
That dress is stunning, I must wear it
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
a giant yellow deranged fruit that dresses in pyjamas
and chases teddy bears.

Bananas in pyjamas are chasing teddy bears
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
a place where you can buy a toilet because Paris
Hilton sat on it.
I bought 1 of Sylvester Stallones nosehairs off E bay.
This is a sicko world,have a nice day
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
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