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Probably the best hard rock band out there today. Incredibly underrated.
Their first album was great, and every one since has been both fantastic and a great improvement since the last.

Members: Myles Kennedy - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Mark Tremonti - Lead Guitar, Scott Phillips - Drums/Percussion, Brian Marshall - Bass.

Their first album titled 'One Day Remains' had some good tracks on it, but their second album 'Blackbird' built on this and was better in almost every way. ABIII (their third album) was to Blackbird what Blackbird was to One Day Remains. Just incredible.
Example 1:
1) "Have you heard of Alter Bridge?"
2) "No, who are they?"
1) "Only the best Band you've never heard of."

Example 2:
1) "Whatcha listen' bro?"
2) 'Blackbird by Alter Bridge, from their second album entitled "Blackbird"'
1) "What they soundin' like?"
2) "Here, listen to Blackbird's solo by Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy."
1) "holy crap, my ears just came."
person 1 now listens to Alter Bridge
by limnophobia March 23, 2013
Bassist of Alter Bridge and former bassist of Creed.
Example 1:
"Have you heard of Alter Bridge?"
"Then you probably haven't heard of the bassist Brian Marshall."

Example 2:
"Have you heard of Creed?"
"I still doubt you've heard of the bassist Brian Marshall."
by limnophobia March 23, 2013
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