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a way of pushing music to its limits, farther than any have before. Trying to play louder and more complicated guitar, use the drums for more than just keeping rythem and letting them be an intergral part of the song, and singing with such emotion that the only way to express it is to reach within yourself and scream out what your feeling. Those who only hear it as noise are the ones who dont apreaciate what the band is trying to achieve and are listening without really hearing or understanding. The only way to produce true, good screamo is to have a lead singer with a peircing and good voice, a drummer with legit talent, good guitarists and bassists, possibly a keyboardist and one to two screamers. The screamers normally play either drum (a skylit drive), guitar, or possibly bass. Normally all members of the band have straight longish hair in the classic emo style.
Devil wears prada, dance gavin dance, ASD, eat me while im hot, and the earlier emorosa are all good examples of screamo or new age screamo while metalica and slipnot are more classic heavy metal. other names for screamo are death metal and grindcore
by limitless music April 12, 2009

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