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3 definitions by limegreen

chilling Fresh Off A Blunt/Bubbler/Bong/Bowl/Bud.
Person 1 "Hey man whatch you doing?"

Person 2 "Nothing much man, just Foabin"
by LimeGreen July 11, 2012
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Someone who, uncomfortable with social interaction, copes by communicating with every available cliché they can think of.
"Hi Hank, how's it going?"
"Heyyy Bob...long time no see..i'm not too poor...ya know, can't complain. Keepin' out of trouble, -still doin' a little bit of this and that...gotta make hay while the sun shines, if ya catch my drift...well...gotta shake a leg... -don't be a stranger."

-(Hank is a status quoter)
by limegreen January 30, 2004
14 2
A condition which arises as a result of excessive procrastination, or a hangover, wherein you find yourself dissatisfied or bored, and decide -although lacking true hunger, you must eat to fill the unfillable void.
bloody 'ell...-i'm boregry...where's the soda crackers?
by limegreen January 30, 2004
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