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2 definitions by limassacre

Spin off of Booker T. Washington, it is a clever play on history sounds like his name but in reality it enables you to call anyone you want a hooker but being a hooker t washington is so much more than just a hooker you must also be addicted to crack and willing to do anything and I mean anything to get it lol also you must be willing to give blow jobs for under a dollar.
Me: Whats up Hooker T. Washington?
Your Mom: What?
Me: You know your just a hooker
Your Mom: I guess your right
Me: Lets make out
Your Mom: No
Me:I have 12 cents and some crack
Your Mom: I would have done it for 5 and half that amount of crack
Me: Sweet
by LiMassacre November 03, 2010
A hamburger whore is a girl or boy who will perform various sexual acts in return for a hamburger, cheeze burger, Mcdouble, wopper and any other hamburger you can possibly think of often times these whores are older and heavier moms and dads who will do just about anything to get there hamburger fix
Me: Hey I got a Mcdouble you wanna fuck
Seans mom aka hamburger whore: Really? I can have the whole Mcdouble?
Me: Yea
Seans mom: Omg let me suck that dick an get you hard so you can fuck me and I can eat that mcdouble

me: sweet
by limassacre September 08, 2010