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4 definitions by lilyofthemist

It's the font color used in an AOL chatroom by a typically ugly and fat girl, who wants to appear that shes cute and sexy.. usually accompanied by a screen name such as "HottAngelMami"
HottAngelMami: like omg im so hot, dose u wanna see mah pics?
RandomChatter: ..oh god, shes typing in fat girl pink
by lilyofthemist March 27, 2004
a combination of "relaxing" and "masterbating"
It's my day off; I think I'm going to relaxterbate today.
by lilyofthemist March 28, 2004
a diss on a "newbie".. generally implying that they are not only a newbie, but a homosexual newbie.
god, will someone shut that queerbie up?
by lilyofthemist March 27, 2004
to date someone online, namely aol
Random fucktard: dose n e 1 want 2 b mah aob/f
Random chatter: omg, that fucktard is so pathetic that he/she/it finds the need to aodate.
by lilyofthemist March 27, 2004