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A Tiarne is exotic and beautiful. They come across as innocent when you first meet them but they can be a real party animal when the opportunity presents itself. They are blessed with great wit and intelligence.

A Tiarne is the sweetest and kindest person you will ever meet but you better watch out because they sure know how to use their witty personality for revengeful purposes.

A Tiarne does not expect to be liked by people but most will adore them anyway. They are extremely stubborn at times with topics they feel very strongly about but are also very easy going and laid back (at times which do not coincide with each other).

You may think a Tiarne is shy but you just need to get to know them. A Tiarne is polite and friendly to acquaintances & this makes them think they are cute, innocent and sweet. A Tiarne is loud, crazy and funny (but still sweet) to people they know well.

They have excellent taste in fashion and the opposite sex. They do not settle down easily and prefer to flirt. They have the ability to make an excellent long term partner, they just need to grow up first.

Tiarne's are great as they fit in with all differing ages. They adapt very easily and their level of maturity also changes depending on who they are with. For example; a Tiarne can have a very meaningful conversation with an executive, can party hard with their friends, play jump rope with their little cousins, watch movies with their siblings and talk casually with acquaintances.
They are amazing.

They must be a Tiarne!
by lils1990 April 28, 2012
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