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Establishment run by a group of guys who think being an alcoholic makes them qualified to run a bar. Often stays open past the legal closing time to owner's friends, also, gives away free beer to owner's friends. Often frequented by bar whores who also get free beer because the owners hope to sleep with them. Usually closes it's doors in less than a year.
"Dude, that bar only opened eight months ago! I thought the owners had formed a corporation and were going to buy apartment buildings and stuff!"

"Yeah, but it closed and now one of the owners is living with his parents again. Must've been all the free booze they doled out to their friends and their bar whores."

"Wow, sounds like it turned into a real shenanigan's alley."

by lilpuppie November 05, 2006
A drunken older man who verbally abuses his wife, beats his children, yells at everyone, smashes up vehicles, sometimes doesn't bathe for up to a week at a time, yet thinks his sh*t doesn't stink and that he can do no wrong. Also thinks he is the ultimate authority on everything.
"My father-in-law has had several car crashes, yet still tells others how to drive."

"Gosh, what a Mernie!"
by lilpuppie November 05, 2006
An overbearing older female relative who orders everyone around, tries to control everybody around her, and thinks she is a welho about everything in existence, meanwhile she screws up even the simplest of tasks and her own life is a pathetic wreck.

"After years of her putting me down, bad-mouthing me behind my back, and telling me how to raise my child, my husband stopped speaking to his mother."

"You poor thing! She sounds like a real Patsy."
by lilpuppie November 05, 2006

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