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The medical phenomenon in which one may or may not have a pair of testicles. Usually referring to a woman with questionable sexual organs. Usually one should stay clear of such a case, though it is not contagious. Not to be confused with click.
John:"She's pretty hott, but I think she may have a case of Possiballs."

by lilnette1032 February 15, 2011
When the popular app, "Words with Friends" becomes a game of malicious intent, and in turn results in the integrity of the game being soiled by Google searches. Such suspicion will lead to the inevitable dissolution of the friendship.
Jay- "Yesterday our game of 'Words with Friends' became 'Words with Enemies' when John used the word amitive to spell four other words."

Tommy-"What a scrub."
by lilnette1032 March 09, 2011

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